Wednesday 9-22 Update

There are some challenges with RLMArena and the new server configuration. RLMArena is being modified to accommodate. This also requires an update on the race server side. Unfortunately, the race servers will be offline for another night. We expect to test RLMArena and the race server connections tonight. Please text with any questions. 704-325-5100.

Race Server Status

Racing servers for tonight will be cancelled. We are currently working on the racing server migration and do not expect to finish by tonight. We will keep you informed of the progress. Please text 704-325-5100 for any questions.

New website and race servers

RaceLM is undergoing an upgrade migration. Please be patient with us the next couple of days as you may experience undesirable results on occasion. We will make an announcement when we are functioning normally.  Please text 704-325-5100 for any questions.